Fruits from Flowers List

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Fruits from Flowers List

Post  Laura on Mon Jan 19, 2009 2:57 pm

This great list was compiled by Amanda:

Cumuls Albiflorus - Fluffy Cloud

Bellis Lycanea - Red Rainbow Butterfly
Bellis Lycanea - Orange Rainbow Butterfly
Bellis Lycanea - Yellow Rainbow Butterfly
Bellis Lycanea - Green Rainbow Butterfly
Bellis Lycanea - Blue Rainbow Butterfly
Bellis Lycanea - Indigo Rainbow Butterfly
Bellis Lycanea - Violet Rainbow Butterfly

Carmena Uniflora - Note 'A' of a Birdsong (Red)
Carmena Uniflora - Note 'B' of a Birdsong (Orange)
Carmena Uniflora - Note 'C' of a Birdsong (Yellow)
Carmena Uniflora - Note 'D' of a Birdsong (Green)
Carmena Uniflora - Note 'E' of a Birdsong (Blue)
Carmena Uniflora - Note 'F' of a Birdsong (Indigo)
Carmena Uniflora - Note 'G' of a Birdsong (Violet)

Rosa Amora - ♥️ Fruit

Stella Velleflora - Wishing Star

Solaris Igniflorus - Ray Of Sunshine

Luna Serena - Crescent Moon
Luna Serena - Full Moon

Apis Melleflora - Honey Bee

Dulcia Somniflora - Dream Bubble

Carmena Aviflora - Bird of Autumn (Red)
Carmena Aviflora - Bird of Spring (Yellow)
Carmena Aviflora - Bird of Summer (Green)
Carmena Aviflora - Bird of Winter (Blue)

Opis Centiflora - Pot of Gold (100 Gold)

Moyogi Bonsai - Rainbow ♥️ Fruit
Chie Bonsai - Chie Fruit
Taiyo Bonsai - Sun & Rain Fruit

Flora Praecocia – Ice stone (Blue)
Flora Praecocia - Jewel Of The Forest (Green)
Flora Praecocia - Fire Stone (Red)
Flora Praecocia - Worthless Stone (Grey)

Rosa Praecocia - Jewel Of The Night (Purple)
Rosa Praecocia - Earth Stone (Yellow)
Rosa Praecocia - Worthless Stone (Grey)

Tulip Praecocia – Love Stone (Pink)
Tulip Praecocia – Sun Stone (Orange)
Tulip Praecocia - Worthless Stone (Grey)

Opis Magiflora - Pot of Treasure

Odonata Igniflora - Red Dragonfly
Odonata Igniflora - Blue Dragonfly
Odonata Igniflora - Green Dragonfly
Odonata Igniflora - Yellow Dragonfly

Lilium Ranidae - Fairyland Frog

Piscis Aquabullae - Red Bubblefish
Piscis Aquabullae - Orange Bubblefish
Piscis Aquabullae - Yellow Bubblefish
Piscis Aquabullae - Green Bubblefish
Piscis Aquabullae - Blue Bubblefish
Piscis Aquabullae - Indigo Bubblefish
Piscis Aquabullae - Violet Bubblefish

Solaris Lyaena - Sunshine Butterflies

Cumulus Amora - ♥️ Shaped Cloud

Fructus Odonata- Flying Banana

Opis Iridiflora- Golden Rainbow

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Re: Fruits from Flowers List

Post  Anne on Fri Feb 06, 2009 8:44 am

This could be a sticky as well Smile

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