How to create your own journal

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How to create your own journal

Post  Laura on Wed Mar 11, 2009 9:29 pm

Just start a new thread in this section of the forum (don't worry if you post in the wrong place, we'll move it Wink) and we will create your own section for your journal and comments.

Your journal will be moved to it's own section, where you should create a thread welcoming people to comment on your garden's progress.
-Please use the word "comment" in the title of the thread.
-If you need an example, check here:

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Some help with making images of your garden and getting them on here!

Post  nicolle on Sat Mar 14, 2009 8:53 am

I have been asked to post the information that I have supplied on creating images for Garden Journals, and then posting them here, so here goes (these are just copy and paste jobs from the original posts):

This is how I created my pictures

On this computer, under 'accessories', I have something called a snipping tool. This enables you to make a frame around whatever you want to save, and kind of does the rest for you. You then have to save it...mine saved as a jpeg. Then I put it on Photobucket so that it got itself a url, then it was possible to post it here.

This is how April created hers

I use Ctrl and Print Screen to save a screen shot. Push Ctrl and PrtSc at the same time, then open your image program --Irfanview, Paint-- and Paste. And then I have to crop the image to show what I want.

This is how Laura created hers

On my computer there is an "Fn" button (I believe it stands for 'function') that I press at the same time as my PrtSc button (which is located on the same key as 'insert'). This copies my entire screen which I then paste into an image program -I use Paint.Net which is similar to Photoshop- and then crop my image to just the area of my garden.

And this is how I got them into a posting

Go to the image on Photobucket (I'm sure there will be a similar arrangement on other image hosts), and if you put your cursor on it, a box comes up with various options. Place the cursor at the very beginning of the direct link and click once, then it's highlighted and you can copy it. Then you come back here and in the row of icons above the message box, run your cursor along them and locate the one that just says image; it's seventh to the left of "others". Click it and it gives you a box in which to paste your link, and you're off!

Another way to host the image

When you are posting a message here on the forum, above the box that you type into, you will see this row:

If you click the 'host button' a pop-up will appear where you are able to search for the image file you saved to your computer. A new pop-up will come up with three different codes. Copy the third code and then press the 'image button'. Paste the code you just copied into this final pop-up and press ok. Your image is now placed in the text Smile

Hope it works for you…


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capturing a screen image.. on Mac (OSX)*

Post  Marmaduke on Sat Mar 14, 2009 10:55 am

nicolle wrote:I have been asked to post the information that I have supplied on creating images for Garden Journals...
thanks for doing that and being so thorough with it.
i thought i'd better just add a picture for those people that own a Mac but don'y know how to capture an image:
i suggest "Save picture of selected are as a file" as being the best option here:)

*i've put in OSX as i don't know if others are different:(


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Re: How to create your own journal

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