How to Block/Unblock visitors

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How to Block/Unblock visitors

Post  Marmaduke on Thu Mar 12, 2009 1:37 pm

*block/unblock someone within the My Fairyland app
This option is only available to non-friends, that is people that aren't friends within the facebook application.
  • The options to block and unblock someone can be found on the fairy profile page underneath the picture of the person. Clicking the "Block" option (1) and checking "Click here" (2) will mean that neither of you will be able to view each others gardens or fairy profiles.

  • Unblocking in done in much the same way, but by use of the "Unblock" option (3) and (4).

  • If you have blocked someone or have been block by someone, their fairy Garden will appear as "Sorry, that Garden is not currently accessible" (5)
  • If you have blocked someone their fairy profile will appear as "Sorry - Fairy Profile Not Available", with the option to Unblock (3).

  • If you have been blocked by someone, their Fairy Profile will appear as "Sorry - Fairy Profile Not Available", without the option to Unblock (6).








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