Zodiac Plant Codes

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Zodiac Plant Codes

Post  April&Lucinda on Tue Sep 28, 2010 6:03 am

Links for zodiac seeds which are still available to plant in your garden. Copy and paste the code into the address bar of your web browser and insert yours and a friend's profile numbers.

Leo Zodiac Flower - attracts Lions --no longer available

Virgo Zodiac Flower - attracts Storks --no longer available

Libra Zodiac Flower - attracts Peacocks
https://apps.facebook.com/fbfairy/req.php?z=your FB profile number&reqtype=5024&ts=0&from_uid=friend's FB profile number

Scorpio Zodiac Flower - attracts Scorpions
https://apps.facebook.com/fbfairy/req.php?z=your FB profile number&reqtype=5025&ts=0&from_uid=friend's FB profile number

Sagittarius Zodiac Flower - attracts ?
https://apps.facebook.com/fbfairy/req.php?z=your FB profile number&reqtype=5026&ts=0&from_uid=friend's FB profile number

You can find the Facebook profile numbers in the address of a Fairylander's 'back wall', or on their main Facebook profile page.

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