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Fairyland FAQ

Post  Laura on Mon Jan 19, 2009 12:29 pm

What do I need to grow at each level? Click here
Help with Alchemy & Herbalism. Click here

How do I harvest my plant? Click here
When should I water my plant? Click here
How do I rearrange my plants? Click here

More FAQ info will be added soon Smile

Starting out:

01) in order to grow a plant it will require a pot to grow in, so you should first click on the option marked "buy a new pot"

02) this takes you to the pot shoppe:)

03) your garden will begin at level one and need to increase in levels in order to for the shoppe keeper to offer you more varied pots and different plants that are often harder to grow. garden levels are increased by harvesting the fruit from the available plants highlighted in the seed shoppe info box

04) so, for now, you will only have the option of purchasing the Old Bottle and the Old Bucket:)

05) make sure that you have enough gold and purchase a one by clicking the "buy" option underneath the pot and you will be prompted to either purchase a seed for it or return to your garden.
note: there's no known difference between the available pots apart from aesthetics at this point.

06) for this example we will return to the garden so you can see that future seed purchases can be made by clicking on the empty pot.
click the pot and you'll be taken to the seed shoppe with available seeds shown. Two seeds are available at this point, the care instructions are available underneath the option to buy the seed, check these by clicking on the "Care Instructions" option, you will need to know how long it will grow happily between waterings, this is highlighted as "Wilts if not watered for:", so you should see that the Cumulus Albiflorus can go 48 hours and the Bellis Lyaena can go 36 hours.

07) purchase one and you will be prompted to return to your garden to water it.
note: this is not entirely necessary as a plant will grow happily until its goes into its wilting time.

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