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Alchemy Chart

Post  Laura on Mon Jan 19, 2009 12:51 pm

Created by Walter

In Alchemy, everybody has one 10 gold combination, and one 5 gold combination. The 10 gold combo always involves a Special Item, and never involves sparkle dust. The 5 gold combo is the same as 10 gold combo, except with sparkle dust. Discarding no Special Item and sparkle dust combos, leaves 240 possibilities for the 10 gold.

Note the fastest way to find the 10 gold is to first find the 5 gold, since you know it uses sparkle dust. There are only 80 combos involving sparkle dust and a Special Item, hence the optimal strategy is to try out those sparkle dust combos until you find the 5 gold, then just change the Dust, where you'll find the 10 gold after at most 3 more tries.

Combos without any Special Item always result in worthless dust, or else 1 or 2 gold. Using no Special Item is the only way to get worthless dust, where Special Items always result in gold or a creature. No Special Item is also the only way to get 1 gold, where Special Items always result in 2 or more gold.

Knowing the above, if you want to generate as much gold as possible with Alchemy, then you can do the following: Convert all instances of your "strong" Special Item to 10 gold. Convert all instances of your "weak" Special Item to 2 gold. Convert all instances of the other two Special Items to 2 or 3 gold. Convert all instances of sparkle dust to 2 gold, by using no Special Item and the special wand for you (one of the five wands).

Special Items appear in Magic Mushrooms more often then non-sparkle dust (sparkle dust is reasonably common in MM), hence you often have to buy other dust to complete combos. Nevertheless, if you have any non-sparkle dust left over, you can liquidate it by converting it to 1 gold each in non-Special Item combos.

In the chart there's now an Excel tab for a pie chart, indicating what percentage of items you've completed and how many of each item you've found so far. As you add results of combos to the List tab, the pie chart circle automatically updates and becomes more complete. Smile

There are 10 different items that can be generated in Alchemy, in 3 main categories: gold (5 different amounts), random creatures (4 different types), and worthless dust. For the pie chart to automatically update, one needs to enter produced items as one of the following 10 strings: dust, 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, butterfly, snail, frog, worm

The list form of the spreadsheet allows one to resort the list any way they want, with Excel's "Data / Sort" command. However I've found the default sorting works best of by Special Item, then by Dust, then by Liquid and Wand.

The limiting factor on doing Alchemy is supply of Special Items, where generally one focuses on one Special Item at a time, e.g. I try combinations with Lost Socks until I run out of them. Sorting by Special Item is also useful because the category of no Special Item behaves differently from the others so should be looked at separately. Sorting next by Dust is good because Dust is the second hardest thing to acquire where sparkle dust also behaves a bit differently from the other Dusts so should be looked at separately.

-copied from the discussion board

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