Wildlife Drama - what do you think so far?

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Re: Wildlife Drama - what do you think so far?

Post  Nightrose on Fri Mar 06, 2009 2:05 pm

I was one of those who was disappointed with the new wildlife feature - I'd hoped for some more interest in game advancement - but after playing a couple of days, I'm quite pleased with it. I have spent 200 gold and spotted quite a lot of mice!

From my own garden and the way I am playing too, I can see that people are playing differently. You water one plant in a garden with a feeder table and then move to another. Mike said somewhere that the odds of getting a creature are higher with the first plant as with the rest the critter would have to come into the garden that moment.

I'm sure we'll all settle down and resume normalcy soon.

I was really sad at having to ditch a pot - I had planned my pots since level 2 and knew exactly what I wanted, it took me to level 9 to get the required combination and they were all symmetrical. Now my garden is lop-sided, but without the table, one is not going to attract as many visitors. I've now got 200 diamonds - which I really don't need as I'm not going to DD my bonsais to bits. In fact, I'm going to plant luna serenas and solaris igs to attract wildlife - something I hadn't planned on before.

BTW, was it me or did everyone get a green frog on the day the wildlife went public? It happened to me and a friend and I also noticed a higher incidence of 3-hourly 5g 'lucky days'. Think Mike must have been predicting the huge run on gold! Heck, art following life, we are headed for economic gloom with our gold reserves gettting lower and lower.......

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I love this new game

Post  elentari on Sat Mar 07, 2009 1:08 am

I am at level 12 and it was getting a bit lonnnnnggggggggg (not boring cause friendships with other fairies)I think its great to have wildelife.

Cant wait to see all animals that will eventually visit us.(imagin a skunk with magical odor LOL Idea) Cool

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