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Post  Laura on Tue Mar 03, 2009 6:07 pm

Here on the forum we have provided a way to help you find the best possible ways to attract specific animals to your garden. Click here for that list

Below are the tips listed on the wildlife section of fairyland:

  • Friends: Wildlife can only be spotted when a plant is watered, so the more friends you have helping out in your Garden around the clock, the higher the chance that the wildlife you attract will be spotted. Encourage your friends to join Fairyland so you can help spot wildlife in each others Gardens!

  • Patience: It will take time, effort, patience, skill and luck to attract/spot all the different types of wildlife, so please don't expect to be able to do it all in the first week or even month! The achievement of eventually spotting the rarest animals will be worth it Smile

  • Growing Plants: Plants have zero attraction effect whilst they are in their initial growth phase. They only have effect whilst fully grown / flowering (or sometimes whilst they are bearing fruit.)

  • Wilting Plants: Plants have zero attraction effect whilst they are wilting.

  • Doubling Up: Growing multiple of the same flower will increase the overall attraction power.

  • Timing: There's no point in having expensive food in your Garden if you don't time it with the right flowers to attract interesting wildlife - it will just be eaten by mice!

  • Keeping Out Mice: There's nothing you can grow to deter mice from entering your Garden. The only thing you can do is grow the right plants to ensure maximum attraction for other animals, and hope that they get there first!

  • Your Own Garden: You can spot wildlife in your own Garden, but you only get the reward once. It is credited to your "Wildlife spotted in your Garden" total, but not to your "Wildlife spotted in other Gardens" total.

  • Concentrate Your Efforts: If you plant lots of different flowers, trying to attract lots of different wildlife at once, you may find that the attraction power for each type of wildlife is so weak that you end up only attracting mice! So focus your efforts on attracting one type of wildlife at a time by growing several of the plants which attract it. (Remember that to attract some types of wildlife, you may find that you also need to grow plants to help keep other wildlife out!)

  • Planning Ahead: Remember that plants have zero effect (positive or negative) whilst still growing, so whilst attracting one type of wildlife, you can already start growing plants in preparation for the next thing you want to try attracting (a good idea if it's a long-growing bonsai!)

  • Wilt Balance: Putting food out on a table is treated like planting a seed - you will only be allowed to do it if your wilt balance allows! (More information about how your Wilt Balance works can be found in your Garden - scroll down and on the right hand side you'll see the "Wilt Balance" section.)

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