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Wildlife FAQ

Post  Laura on Wed Mar 04, 2009 1:21 pm

  • Are the Garden Levels still running?
Yes! Everything's exactly the same as before - you still need to progress through the Garden Levels to unlock new seeds, which you will need for attracting new wildlife.

The highest Garden Level in Fairyland is currently Level 21, but we're continually developing new ones which will be coming soon Smile

  • Are more types of wildlife coming soon?
Yes! Please feel free to leave suggestions for what you'd like to see in the future on the discussion thread.

  • Someone spotted my wildlife but I didn't receive the Diamonds!
When a visitor spots wildlife in your Garden, you will receive a notification that it has happened, but you can only collect the Diamond rewards when you clear the feeding table (after all the food has been eaten.)

Your feedback made us realize that this wasn't very clearly explained in the app, so we've now changed some of the wording to explain this a little better Smile

  • Do animals stay for a while after being spotted?
No - as soon as an animal is spotted it scampers away (yes, even the tortoise!) It can't therefore be spotted by another waterer immediately afterwards.

  • Why would I grow a plant to keep certain wildlife away?
This is best explained with an example.

Say a certain plant attracts both the Brown Bunny and the Lop Eared Bunny, so you plant a few of them. You've already attracted the Brown Bunny in the past, so you want to now try and attract the Lop Eared Bunny. You can increase your chances of the Lop Eared Bunny coming by also growing plants which help keep the Brown Bunny out.

  • I am using a lot of Gold spotting wildlife!
You will use a lot of Gold if you try to spot everything on day one!

We recommend starting slowly, watering no more than you would do normally. This way, you'll gradually start figuring out how the wildlife behaves and become better at spotting it without spending so much.

Remember that the rewards are high (for example, the first badger spotted in a Garden will earn a total of 24 Diamonds - 12 each for the spotter and the Garden Owner!) so spotting them is going to be a challenge!

  • There seem to be a lot of mice and not many other types of wildlife
This is because many Gardens have put food out but don't yet have the right plants to attract the more interesting wildlife (if nothing else is attracted, only mice will come.) As everyone figures out the best ways to attract the more interesting types of wildlife, Fairyland will have a lot more of them running around (another good reason not to spend all your Gold on day one!)

  • Will I always spot wildlife if it's there?
If some wildlife is in the Garden when you water a plant, you will definitely spot it (it doesn't matter which plant you water.) Therefore, if you find nothing upon the first watering, you are unlikely to find anything when you water another plant in the same Garden a few seconds later.

  • Can we have a mini icon showing which Gardens have food in them?
Thanks for this feedback - we'll look into the possibility of adding this in the future Smile

  • Can we optionally be rewarded with Gold instead of Diamonds?
Thanks for this feedback - we'll look into the possibility of doing this in the future Smile

  • Will it be possible to attract wildlife at a faster rate in the future?
Probably. Because this feature is new (and very complex behind the scenes), we need to start out slowly so we can fix all the glitches, check our servers can cope etc etc.

For those who want to speed things up a bit, we'll probably offer the option to do this soon.

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